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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

random runner survey.

so i haven't posted in a while but mainly that's because my running hasn't been all that interesting the past week and a half. it's been absurdly cold and windy and the majority of my runs were done on a treadmill in my basement. not fun, not fun at all.

anyways i ran across this survey on facebook and figured i'd fill it out as to not make it so long between posts. here goes..

Runner Survey from Facebook

1. Number of marathons you have run
Just one.. but it was NYC.. so it was the best one.

2. Where was your first marathon?
New York City :-)

3. Favorite Marathon course:
Well I've only run NYC.. but I figure it'd be nice to have a flatter course..

4. Most memorable race:
2009 ING NYC Marathon

5. PRs?
5k- hmm never ran a 5krace.. only the 5k "race" with my third grader a few weeks ago.
41:15 - Run for Central Park 2009
5 miler -
47:39.20 - GC Turkey Trot 2009
10k-1:00:47 -
Joe Kleinerman 10K 2009
10 miler-
haven't done a 10 mile race yet..
1/2 marathon-
2:15:01 - LI Half Marathon 2009
4:49:40 - NYC Marathon 2009
31 miles? oh dear no way.
45 miler -
what? people DO this? voluntarily?!?
50 mile-
oh sh*t that's not happening
uhh yea not happening either.
100 mile-
people who would do this should be in therapy cuz they're nuts..

6. Ever run in a costume?
Nope not yet.. had i come into the city to run the Midnight Run on New Years perhaps I would have..

7. The only running shoes for me:
New Balance 700 series.

8. Ever injured?
Strained my hip flexor during a short 10 mile run in August. Was out for a few weeks, took lots of anti-inflammatories, and iced A LOT. It still bugs me from time to time.. gotta watch out for it.

9. Hot or cold weather runner?
definitely hot.. this cold weather is killing my running this winter..

10. Morning or evening runs?
it's nice to get it over with in the morning.. but i don't mind sleeping in just a bit and getting an early afternoon run in either.

11. What is your motivation?
umm a feeling of accomplishment.. and being able to eat whatever i want without stressing about weight.

12. Ever DNF?
nope.. and i hope to never get one.

13. Race I'd like to forget:
I guess I could say the Joe Kleinerman 10k cuz i was hungover.. but it did have it's benefits because it pushed me to run slightly faster so that I would finish quicker lol.

14. Favorite post race nosh:
A chicken and cheese calzone and some diet pepsi.

15. Galloway or Higdon?
am i supposed to know what/who these are?

16. Flat course or hills:
flat or allllllll downhill.. damn harlem hills in central park, i looooooathe you.

17. Back, Middle, or Front of the pack?
in the middle. i like seeing people in front and in back.

18. Run alone or with a partner:
i like running with a partner.. it makes the time go by faster and it's an extra push to keep going. on a 12 mile run in a very rainy and muddy central park, i wouldnt have gotten past 6 miles had it not been for adriana.

19. Ever win your age group?
haha nope and prob never will.

20. One part of your body that has never seen Body Glide:
never used body glide.. guess that makes me NOT A RUNNER muahahhaha.

21. Best part of running:
showering, eating, and napping afterwards.

22. If I didn't run I_______________.
would be fatter.. but my arms would be stronger because i'd have more time to lift.

23. I can't run without______________________.
a sports bra.

23. Ever lose a toenail?
nope.. but i've gotten some bruised toenails and blisters. gross.

24. Gatorade or Cytomax?

25. Favorite gel flavor?
gels gross me out. i use the gu chomps.. strawberry or the blueberry pomegranate.

26. How many days after a marathon do you usually start running again?
5 days later i did an easy 2-3 miles.

27. I run, therefore I ________________________.
am a person who runs.

28. Pre-race routines? (night before or morning of)
night before: pasta and chicken parm while laying on the couch watching tv and movies.
morning of: peanut butter on bread.

29. What is your typical night before the big race meal?
like i said, pasta and chicken parm :-)

30. Would you run a marathon again?
first sunday in november, 2010.

31. If you could run with anyone, who would that person be?
i'm ignoring this question for the time being.

alright people, that's that. hopefully this week i'll get a couple good runs in and be ready for the potential 9 miler this weekend.

boston on friday to watch bc-bu hockey at fenway dee de deee.



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