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Monday, August 22, 2011

miles to go before i sleep.

long training run loops
so this past sunday was nyrr's second long training run.  the whole idea of the long training run is pure genious- nyrr sets up central park with mile markers 1-20, lines the course with water and misting stations, and provides a "recovery station" equipped with water, gatorade, bananas, and pretzels at miles 6, 11, 16, and 20.  there are no chips and no time clocks- it is truly a "training run."  at the first training run this year, nyc was experiencing a heatwave and i was lucky to be able to finish the day with 11 miles.  sunday, i ran 13 miles and was home, showered and back in bed all before 10am.  talk about a productive morning.  on that note, thanks meg for the running company and thank you he-who-must-not-be-named for well, everything.

while i'm thanking people, thanks JESSY for encouraging me to blog more often.  there's your shoutout.  happy?

so with 11 weeks until the marathon and 7 weeks until my taper period, my marathon training is really about to pick-up.  here's a look at my next few weekend long runs:

awesome, huh?  major ugh.  while this whole build-up period is exciting, it's also exhausting, time consuming, and let's face it, annoying and painful.  while i've been putting in marathon work for the past few months, nothing is as essential as these next few weeks of training.  here are a few things that are super important for me over the upcoming weeks:

1) proper fueling before/during/after long runs.
  • Before: good carbs, lean proteins, lots of water.  there's nothing worse than tummy issues the day of a long run.  i've got to be sure that i'm eating good foods throughout the week to keep my body healthy and fueled for the long runs over the weekend.  also gotta be sure not to have too much fiber as the weekends approach- i shouldn't have to explain that one.  if you need an explanation, feel free to ask your favorite long distance runner why fiber should be avoided close to a long run. i've also got to be sure that i'm drinking lots of water throughout the week.  hydration is key and it's important that i'm hydrating all week and not just on runs.  this has been a major issue for me this summer.  bad ang, very bad ang.
  • During: water, gatorade, gu chomps.  i've become very accustomed to drinking something about every mile or so and i feel that i run my best when i have this few second "power walk" after every mile while i sip in such a way as to not spill water or gatorade all over my chin and shirt.  during longer races, i typically alternate water and gatorade at each mile marker.  also, i ordered two 16-packs of GU chomps to help fuel my longer runs over the next few weeks.  most people don't know that runners actually need to eat DURING longer runs (i don't chomp it up unless i'm running a half marathon or longer).  there's all sorts of stuff out there but i've become accustomed to the GU chomps.  i also like sports beans because hey, jelly beans are awesome.  so yea, i'm all stocked up and won't be forgetting these on any long runs anymore (hello, queens half-marathon.)
looks appetizing, right?
  • After: i really need to be better about eating after a long run.  typically, the thought of eating after a long run makes me nauseous.  this is bad.  i need to eat something.. pretzels, a banana, both.  just something.  it's just that i get home, shower, and then immediately want to lay down and go back to sleep that by the time i wake up, my body is in all sorts of bad shape.  angela, you must eat right away.  no excuses, play like a champion.
2) adequate sleep and rest
  • Even if it means turning off my phone, i need to be sleeping at an appropriate hour so that when i wake up before the sun rises, i can actually function.  you ever try running 20 miles on 3 hours sleep?  no?  probably because it sucks.  and it's a stupid idea.  just go to damn bed, ang.
3) cross-training regimen
  • i've definitely been better at this the past few weeks than i've been in years.  I've been going to the gym about once a week and biking or doing the elliptical.  some days i even spend a few minutes lifting free weights (taking it back to my good ol' college days when i ruled the weight room).  i'd like to take advantage of the fact that i have an olympic sized pool about 20 feet from where i work that is absolutely free for me to use; however, i've been a wimp.  i haven't swam laps since college and i'm so afraid of someone seeing me and judging me.  i really need to suck it up and just get myself to the pool.  
4) stretching and foam-rolling
"i love... the mets."
  • yea, i don't stretch... or foam roll... even though i now keep my foam roller in the living room so that i don't have to go through the extra trouble of opening a closet door to get to it.    i don't understand how i can go out and run for hours on end but then cannot seem to take just a few minutes to get down on the floor and stretch.  that's a new kind of lazy right there.  

okay folks, next up is sunday's bronx half-marathon.  the start/finish is right by yankee stadium.  come cheer for a lovely lady?  thanks.

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