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Saturday, November 13, 2010

NYC Marathon 11/7/10

NYC Marathon 2010. NYC Marathon: take two.  the day was a bit colder than last year and definitely windier.. but at least it didn't rain the night before so charity village wasn't a giant mud pit.  it was not my best run, and it wasn't my best marathon, but it was a physical challenge that i completely pushed through mentally.  considering the fact that last year i started to feel bad by mile 23, and this year i started to feel awful by mile 18, and i still finished within minutes of last years' time, i'd say that this run is a pretty damn good testament to how important it is to have people who support you and believe in you, how important it is that you believe in yourself, and how important it is that you can mentally block out physical pain and focus on a goal.

all that being said, i give you, blog stalkers and friends alike, my 26.2 mile journey through the streets of ny:

tfk buses to the start, 51st and 6th, 6 a.m.
VIP status
hannah, myself, and jennie in the tfk tent on staten island
jennie, meghan, myself, and hannah in charity village
mile 1: still on the bridge.  it's pretty windy.  dropped one of andy's old soccer socks (which acted as arm warmers and mittens for my first 2 miles) on the bridge.  completely on a high from dancing and singing to frank sinatra's "new york, new york" with my loved ones (jennie, meghan, and hannah) at the start line.

"the starting line of the nyc marathon is kind of a giant time bomb behind you about to go off.  it is the most spectacular start in sport." -Bill Rodgers
mile 2: dropped the second of andy's old soccer socks.  less windy as we head down the bridge.  one of my fastest miles in the race.. big no no.  rookie mistake.

mile 3: crooklynnnnnnn. crowds are absolutely absurd.  definitely more people than last year came out to watch and cheer.  one of the first things i hear from a spectator? "how you dooooin?" aaaaand welcome to brooklyn, people.

brooklyn, ny
mile 10: lose jennie and hannah. hope they're enjoying their first nyc marathon!

mile 12: start looking for allison on the right side of the street.  can't find her.  apparently she was there passing out high-fives though.. because she's awesome. 

mile 13: lose meghan.  where'd she go?

mile 15: passed the chilean miner on the queensborough bridge.  he's got two women massaging his knees.  looks like he's hurtin.

"when you first run up First Avenue in new york, if you don't get goosebumps, there's something wrong with you." -Frank Shorter
mile 16: running on the west side of first avenue cuz that's where my 'rents will be.  see a guy that looks like brian s.. and it is! start screaming "brian!" and turns out, the whole famiglia is there.  they go crazy, i go crazy.  good times.

mile 16.5: hear my name being screamed by a child.  who is it? one of last years' 8th graders. so cute.

mile 17: where are my parents?! i know they're here somewhere.  finally i see my mom holding a giant sign for "angela b-rocks" - that's me, so i get all happy.  mom, dad, and maria were all there.  i remember yelling something, but i can't remember what that was anymore ha.

mile 18: mark in his crazy green wig jumps in and runs with me for a few blocks.  starting to feel crappy at this point but want to look like i'm feeling good when i get to 116th st.

mile 18.5ish: who's that asian jumping around like a lunatic in a yellow sweatshirt? sunim.  she's the best.

does no one else see the camera man? why am i the only one smiling?
mile 18.5: completely in a daze.  hear my first and last name being screamed from behind me.  turn around and see pine lake frank with the cancer society cheering.  my first thought: "i don't know who that is."  my second thought: "ahhh frank!"

mile 19: okay where is heeeeee?

mile 20: really feeling awful.  start using the mental strategy of focusing on who i dedicated this mile to.. seth and kudz.  where is georgia tech? orange balls. lip technology.  other half.  hiding in our cave upstairs at the 14. my 21st in ny, "i cant get drunk in an unknown city."

mile 21: asteria gives me magic pills. i love this woman. mental strategy = andy. the exception to everything. 

mile 22: mental strategy = maria, david, matt.  montauk, holidays, creepiest santa in the whole world, chicken parm for breakfast.

"tim riggins wants you to run faster."
mile 22.5: there's my crazy asian again! i smile and give a thumbs up for the camera even though i feel like absolute crap ran over twice.  my feet hurt, my knees hurt, i'm tired.. like really tired. if i closed my eyes i would've taken a nap.

photo by sunim :-)
mile 22.5ish: i'm running with sunim and think i see andy behind me so i turn around.  i run backwards and jump on him.  he runs and carries me for a block or two ("now that's the way to run") before putting me down and running with me a minute.  right where i needed him.  good looks.

mile 23: i hear megan scream "angela!" so i look to my left where matt, david, and megan are holding up a sign and going nuts.  i scream "everything hurts!" and keep running.. about 30 seconds later, i see all three of them running on the side next to me and david just jumps right on in!  dave got a good 3 blocks in before he stepped out with a "this is totally gonna be my facebook status." mental strategy = john.  playing cars. hockey in the den. no ma, we've yet to have the retreat at our house. loser club. i'll speak english to myself.

mile 24: why is the finish line so close and yet so friggin far away?  people keep screaming my name shouting encouragements.. most likely because i look like i could cry at any second. mental strategy = papa john. getting the best parking spot at jones beach, babe ruth candy bars.

mile 25: go faster, go faster. mental strategy = mom and dad. i know they're at the end, probably harassing sunim to find out exactly where i am.

mile 26: why is this all uphill?  where are my parents?

mile 26.2: aaand i'm done.  26.2 miles. in less than 5, just like last year.  get my silver cape, my medal, my bag of goodies, and walk on up to cherry hill where i'm greeted with hugs from coaches.  me = rockstar.

champion, no doubt.
nyc marathon medal #2
well, there you have it folks..  my 2010 nyc marathon journey is complete.

stay tuned for all my winter (non)runner up: turkey trot and jingle jog. ruh rohh.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

the day after the marathon..


Tuesday, November 2, 2010


alright, lady and 'gents, it's tuesday and the marathon is this sunday and i'm a mixture of excitement and anxiety.  it's not the same type of anxiety i had last year a few days before the marathon because that was my first one.. but idk, i kinda feel like i didn't take my training as seriously this year.  last year, i was so worried that i wasn't going to be ready for the marathon that i followed the training meticulously.. and this year, i fudged a lot of things.  i knew what was important.  i've gone to most weekday group runs, i got my long 18 mile runs in, a 20 mile run a few weeks ago, etc.  and i'm now tapering and carb-loading as i should.  but idk, i guess i'm just second guessing now because it's getting closer. 

i'm gonna have to really trust that my body can handle 26.2 miles.  i have to trust that my mind can handle 26.2 miles. i have to trust that if my body can run 20 miles, it can run 26.2. must-trust-the-training. gahhh.

Coach Frank
anywho, this past sunday was 2 things. (1) halloween and (2) the marathon kickoff race.  it was a good, fun run.  TFK members and coaches dressed up in crazy green costumes (myself included, as you'll see below) to run 5 miles through central park.  with about a quarter mile left, i had an older man run up next to me to thank me for 2 things.  first, he said that never in all his years of racing, has he been able to stay behind someone who kept such a steady pace throughout every mile.  he said that i helped to pace him throughout the entire 5 miles.  secondly, he said that my outfit was "so psychadellic" that it gave him energy when he wanted to stop or slow down.  i didn't quite know what to say to him because he continued to thank me for all that i'd done for him during the race, when essentially, all i did was dress like a whacko, put on my sneakers, and run through central park.
but i'm glad my whackiness could help someone out so all's good.

so a few of the coaches have talked about a mental strategy to help you get through the last 6 miles of the marathon.  apparently, if you dedicate each of the six miles to different people, it helps to get through those six grueling miles right at the end.  so i said sure, why the hell not.  yesterday i posted on facebook that i dedicate mile 20 to seth and katie because they are my man of honor and my second half, my metaphorical sports bra and bucket #2.  they've been my constants for the last 7 years and it's rough being in a different city than both of them.. but they visit and they support my running from afar (and near, when they can!). 

later tonight, i'll reveal who i've decided to dedicate mile #21 to and why.. although i probably won't post it on here until after the marathon.. mainly because i'm lazy. 

alright amigos, time to sign off for the last time before the NYC Marathon 2010.  wish me luck and see you out there.

Team for Kids, NYC Chapter 2010

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