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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

THIS is why people pay for running coaches...

last night, i was invited to a TFK A-Team (alumni) run led by none other than my favorite Coach Skinny Vinny!  i've been invited before but this was the first run i actually attended.  to be honest, i've been invited once (or is it twice?) a month since before marathon training began last year and i've been a total idiot and haven't gone to any until yesterday.

i missed my scheduled 5 mile run on monday so once i saw the e-mail about tuesday's run, i immediately responded with my rsvp.  how could i turn down a run with coach skinny vinny?

not gonna lie, i was nervous pretty much all day.  why? because everyone who showed up to run was probably going to be faster than me.  and in fact, when i showed up, this was exactly the case.  i was the slow poke.

coach explained the workout and how it would be a great predictor of how we would run the nyc half coming up in 3 weeks.  i wanted to see if my race goal was realistic so i was excited about the workout.

the workout was as followed:

  • warm-up from engineer's gate to the top of harlem hill
  • 2 mile pick-up at "half-marathon pace"
  • recovery jog (2x the 72nd st transverse)
  • 2 mile pick-up at "10k pace" or slightly faster than "half-marathon" pace (whichever was possible as this pick up would be harder because it was later in the workout and primarily all uphill)
  • cool down from harlem hill back to engineer's gate
Total Mileage: 7.4

the group ran the warm up together.  i enjoyed the conversation of other TFK alum and listened to coach skinny vinny give tips about the NYC half and the new course.  as we ran up the base of harlem hill, i found myself thinking of lululemon run club coach gia's advice to "eat the hill."  i ate the hill.  i leaned forward.  i pushed off from my toes.  i own you, harlem hill.

once at the top, it was time for our first two mile pick-up.  everyone else pushed ahead and i found myself in a rhythm beside coach vinny.  we chatted for most of the two miles and as we neared the 72nd st transverse where we would begin our recovery, he commented that we were running at about an 8:50 pace.


i had a mini-panic attack.  i don't run sub-9 on longer runs! how am i going to run back up the hill faster than that?! huh?! huhhhhh?!?!?!

we recovered across the transverse and turned back around.  coach vinny and i agreed that there would be no talking for the next 2 miles (probably because he knew i'd keel over and die if i tried to speak) and he also told me that he wasn't going to tell me my splits so as to avoid another anxiety rant.  

so i ran.  for 2 miles.  uphill.  

it sucked.  i hated life.  i wanted to stop.  i wanted to throw up.  i also wanted to be done.. so i kept running.

every once in a while, coach vinny would give me some encouragement or offer a tip for getting up the next hill.  i tried to listen to his encouragement but it's hard to believe that you're "doing great" when you feel like at any moment your entire body is going to collapse and your lungs are going to explode.

then i saw it: my finish line.  the traffic light at the top of what felt like the most massive hill on the planet.  i got about 3/4 up before having to slow down.  i'm sorry but i just did not have any more left in me to give.  reaching the top, i slowed and caught my breath and gave vinny a huge high 5.  my 2 mile split? 8:27. BEAST MODE.

coach looked at me and said, "you're faster than you think you are." yea, maybe i am. 

we jogged back down to the 102 transverse to meet the rest of the group where we could brag about my negative split and my 8:27 to people whose easy runs are probably at an 8:27 pace.  but it's tfk.  and everyone is awesome.  dare i say it, even the fast ones.  

we did a nice cool down jog back to nyrr, grabbed our bags, and did a quick stretch outside.  

i'll definitely be going to more A-Team runs from now on.  having a coach is a HUGE advantage and i'm sorry that i haven't taken TFK up on this incredible opportunity before.  i definitely don't push myself to my max the way i did last night when i run alone.  and just maaaybe my uncomfortable pace of 8:27 today will be my comfortable pace of the future.  

until next time, perhaps i should reconsider my nyc half goal based on yesterdays run? thoughts?

how many of you have running coaches? life coaches? coach pocketbooks? 


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

team NOCO and the latino relay.

this past saturday, i took part in a 4x2 relay on long island with my cousins.  david brought it up over christmas and was able to convince maria because she "only had to run 2 miles."

friday night, maria and i had an old school sleepover at my parents house on long island.  we sat at my kitchen table for hours after dinner talking and then moved it upstairs and lay in bed in the dark talking to each other across the room.  just like old times... well, minus my afro-ing hair, our geometric glasses, and conversation revolving around stolen pogs.

the relay race was out in suffolk county in sunken meadow park.  luckily, the race didn't start until 10am so we didn't really need to leave until 8:45 or so.  i got out of bed around 8, got ready, and enjoyed some food that big joe b picked up for us to eat before our run.

mama b drove maria and i out to sunken meadow park where we were going to meet up with dave and matt. some highlights from the ride out:

me: we need to sign some waiver. dave said matt felt uncomfortable signing our names.
maria: what? what a goody goody.
aurelia: sometimes i don't think he's related to us.  maybe he was switched at birth.
me: yea someone definitely picked up the wrong kid from the nursery.

pulling up to the parking lot, i call dave's cell phone.  he doesn't pick up.
me: maybe he's already runni-HAHHHA
maria: don't hide how you really feel, ang

so we find the boys, sign the waiver that matt wouldn't sign for us, and hurry back into the warmth of the car to put our bibs on.  we decide that i'm going to run the first leg, david the second, maria the third, and matt would finish us off with the last leg.

i needed to get a "long-ish" run in on saturday so i decided that i would run all legs.  so i ran with david and maria on their legs... and then i ran really far behind matt.

leg 1:

i did 8:15 min/miles for my leg. woohoo!
leg 2:

leg 3:

leg 4:

team NOCO with second to last place! next year: third to last.  booyah.

after the race, uncle arnie treated all of us to lunch at a nearby diner.  maria pointed out that we were 6 adults and 2 wallets.  what does this say about the arpino grandchildren? that we're smart.

lunch was delicious and matt redeemed himself by reminding us that he is, in fact, one of us:

me: i want an elliptigo.
matt: if i ever see you on one of those, i will... punch you in the face.

welcome back to the family, kiddo.

anyone know of another relay in the nyc area? need someone on your team? cuz i'm kind of awesome.  and i can run fast sometimes.  and i promise i won't "forget" my wallet at home if you want to get lunch after.  


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

valentine's day 2012: operation aruba cheat.

so as most of you probably already know, yesterday was valentine's day.  i hope everyone had a great day and was able to spend time with someone (or someones) you love or do something you love or eat something you love or whatever something you love.  you deserve it.

i had two plans for valentine's day: dinner at tommy lasagna and a painting class at paint along.

1. dinner at tommy lasagna.
we got downtown around 4:15, walked around, bought me an awesome purple dress to wear in aruba for only $20, and headed over to tommy lasagna.  it's only been open about 3 months but i've wanted to try this place since i first found out it was opening in nyc.  i mean, who doesn't love lasagna?

we had dinner reservations for 5:30 but ended up getting to the restaurant around 5.  the staff was extremely friendly and sat us at a little table for 2 in the corner.  the place is small and quiet and i absolutely loved the atmosphere.

we ordered the beet salad for an appetizer and then i had the garden lasagna (veggies!) for my entree with a side of meatballs.  the lasagna was definitely like none i've ever had before.  white creamy sauce on lasagna? who does that?! but it was good.  it was really good.

we ordered some tea since we still had time before we needed to head over to paint along for our 7pm painting class.  with our tea, our waitress brought us THIS magnificent little cake:

can you see where i started to lick the frosting off?
apparently i was too excited and couldn't wait the extra 5 seconds to take a picture first.  
our waitress said it was "compliments of the chef for valentine's day."  smart move, man.  i love red velvet. nom nom nom.

okay, i know that none of this meal goes with my whole "operation aruba" but it was valentine's day and if you can't cheat on valentine's day then this is an awful awful world we live in.

2. paint along.
definitely one of my new favorite things to do in nyc.  this was so much fun!  our instructor, marty, was really sweet and helpful and made everyone in the class feel like they could create a masterpiece (or at least something that shouldn't be thrown in a dumpster somewhere).

you don't need to bring anything to class but yourself.  you leave your belongings in the back of the room, put on a smock, and choose a seat.  each seat is already set up with a canvas, water to clean brushes, a paper towel, brushes used for todays painting, and paint.  its BYOB so some people brought wine and the studio has cups and a corkscrew in the back so you don't even need to worry about remembering anything but the booze.

the class lasts for 2 hours and at the end, you get to take home a painting that you made! this is mine:

we had so much fun and i will definitely be going back again.  i'm going to keep looking at their class calendar for paintings that i like and want to paint.  for $45, it's a great deal, especially in nyc.  also, it's a really great idea for a date, whether you're newly dating or have been together for longer than you can remember.  they also do private parties and will travel to you if you have an event.

that is all.  hope everyone enjoyed their valentine's day too! and i hope you're not super jealous of my amazing painting skills because i realize that i'm extremely talented and probably should've been a professional painter.  (i also hope that you can taste the sarcasm in that last sentence)

stay tuned: going to my first lululemon run club tonight! guess who's nervous? ME.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

things i love this valentine's day.

whether you love, hate, or are completely indifferent when it comes to valentine's day, it's hard to let this day pass without thinking of things (or people) that you love.  we are bombarded with commercials, facebook posts, trending twitter topics, chocolates, obnoxious flower arrangements on coworkers desks, pinterest heart-shaped sugar cookie recipes, etc. - so really, one cannot completely ignore this "holiday." me? i'm feeling particularly lovey this year.

here are a few of the things i love on this particular valentine's day:

1. he-who-must-not-be-named.
he's the best.  and he supports another thing i love...

2. running.
specifically training for something.  and by something i mean a marathon.  i dont know why but i am going through some serious marathon training withdrawals.  is it may yet?

3. the sun setting later.
this directly correlates to #2 because last night i was able to RUN OUTSIDE after work in the DAYLIGHT.  it was amazing.

4. dinner tonight at tommy lasagna.
a restaurant for lasagna, you ask? why yes, a restaurant for lasagna.  be jealous.

5. painting tonight at paintalongnyc.
i love painting. i miss painting.  i miss BC's art studio where i could stand around for hours, maroon 5 in my headphones, and paint until my stomach started to eat itself. sounds amazing, right? well, it was.

tonight, i get to paint.  and i get to paint this:

it will look just as good, if not better. obviously.

what do you love this valentine's day?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

operation aruba.

alright well "winter" is coming to an end a little early for me this year.  why?  because he-who-must-not-be-named is taking me to aruba in two months.  typically, winter is the time to eat like i'm still training for a marathon (and that is exactly what i've been doing)... but unfortunately, it stops today.  as of tomorrow, i am taking the next 2 months to eat like a normal human being who is only training for a half-marathon in march (which i am - NYC half, here i come!)

i'm lucky because marathon training season always coincides with summer so i always feel at my best physically during those months.  right now?  everyone would probably tell you i look exactly the same.  he-who-must-not-be-named would tell me that i look perfect and unbelievable (he has, in fact).. but i know me.. and this is NOT marathon body.  why? because when you're no longer training for a marathon, you don't need to eat like you are. c'mon ang.

so it's operation aruba time.  time to start half-marathon eating.  because it's gonna be hot in aruba and i plan on wearing very little clothing.

like bikinis. and sundresses.

get your head out of the gutter.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

great article about "the best run of the year."

i know the feeling.

read it here at runaddicts.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

a PR for big blue!

4 miles in 36:04 (9:01 min/mi pace)

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

i'm in!